The safety of our pupils is our paramount concern.  We work very closely with other organisations and bodies to ensure that our staff are trained and confident, our leadership team including Board of Governors is engaged and has an up-to-date awareness of legislation and procedures and that we create an environment where all children feel loved, cared for and comfortable to speak to us about any concerns or issues. 

We are very proud that in our Ofsted inspection in January 2017, the inspector said:

"Safeguarding is effective"
"The leadership team, school staff and governors are fully aware of their duty to keep pupils safe. All staff have been trained on safeguarding and child protection. They report promptly any concerns they may have about pupils and work well with parents to ensure that pupils are kept safe. Appropriate records are kept of any issues that arise, the actions taken and the impact of these actions.
Pupils told me that they receive interesting and helpful guidance from experts to help them understand the potential risks they may encounter when they are near water, walking or cycling, approached by strangers or using digital technologies. They have huge respect for the adults who work in the school and would readily seek help with any issues at school, or at home, that were upsetting them." - Ofsted January 2017


We are guided by much legislation and our own approved policies (many of which can be found on our Policies page). One document, produced by the Department for Education, is of utmost importance to us.  All staff and Governors have read it and act in accordance with its guidance and principles.  You can read it here:

 'Keeping Children Safe in Education, September 2018'.


Here are some interesting links which give information for parents on staying safe online. Please take the time to read them and share them with your children.

Staying safe on online

Childline information on cyberbullying

Parent Controls

Booklet on Safer Internet

Internet access questionnaire

Cyberbullying questionnaire for pupils