We are pleased to announce that FitzHerbert will be entering into a collaborative partnership with The Village Federation (Kirk Ireton and Carsington & Hopton C of E Primary schools) from September 2018. The partnership will mean that Mr Peter Johnston (the current headteacher at The Village Federation) will become the ‘Executive Headteacher’ of all three schools. He will be taking over from our present Headteacher, Mrs Linda Hack, who will be retiring at the end of the summer term. The senior teachers of each school will become the ‘Heads of School’. Mrs Froggatt will therefore become the Head of School for FitzHerbert and will be in charge of the day-to-day running of the school.  The Executive Headteacher role will be a full time role and will provide the strategic leadership of the partnership and although the time spent at each school will need to be split evenly, Mr Johnston will always be ‘on duty’ for all three schools.

This collaboration will bring many benefits for pupils and staff, including the sharing of the best of practice across the schools and working creatively with the three sets of staff to generate even more excellent opportunities for the children. Financially the school will benefit immediately and in the longer term the collaboration will help to ensure greater financial security and stability, keeping the school at the heart of our community.

Across the country, these collaborations are becoming a regular feature of the educational landscape. In Derbyshire, there are already very successful examples of this and it is something which the Governors have discussed in broad terms over a number of years. As an Outstanding Church School we are relentless in our continued drive to develop and improve further, and this is an ideal opportunity to work alongside partner Church schools which fit well both geographically and with our outlook and ethos.


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