Key Stage 1


The Infants Class is made up of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.  We have a large classroom that can be split into two with a screen when we need it to be.  We also have an outdoor Early Years Area.


Our class teachers this year are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Bone and they are always supported by at least one teaching assistant (Mrs C.Howard). Our timetable for 2017 to 2018 is attached here . TIMETABLE

Maths Overview

Here are the strategies we use when teaching maths. It would really help us if these were used if you were helping or supporting your child at home. Thank you

Maths strategies

Maths Planning Overview for Years 1 and 2 click here

Literacy Overview

Literacy planning click here


 The topic work is on a two year rolling programme.



Pride in Place

Autumn 1 2017

We will be learning about our local area and comparing it to others. We will learn about the Great Fire of London and how it helped to change ideas about building. We will look at the technology of building and how to work together as a team.

In RE this half term we are looking at what Christians believe about Creation.

Can Party Food Be Healthy?

Autumn Term 2, 2017

This term we are learning about healthy eating and planning a healthy party near to Christmas.

In RE we have been learning about Judaism and also looking at the Nativity Story near Christmas. Our Nativity Play this year is called 'Baubles'.

Mrs Armitage's Vehicle

Spring Term 1 2018

Our topic is based around transport using Science and Design Technology to explore it.



Toys through the Ages

Autumn Term 1 2018

We will be learning about how we play with different toys as we get older.  We will visited the Pickford House museum in Derby or the Sudbury Toy museum to help us understand what it was like in the Georgian and Victorian times.

Hello I'm new here!

Autumn term 2018

This term we will discover the special things about our school. Come and have a look at the FitzHerbert flags we will design! We will be learning about Morocco and now know more about how people live in this African country.

Traditional Tales from Around the World

Spring Term 1 2019

This term we will learn about traditional stories from around the world including Australia, India and China.Our first story will be about Tiddalick, the frog who could drink and drink and drink!

Starry Night

Spring Term 2 2019

This term we will be learning about the stars and planets and will have our own voyage of discovery. We have also been practising to be artists and learning about how to paint like Van Gogh.

Water World

Summer Term 1 2019

Water is out theme for this term and we are looking at why water is so important for all of us.

Where will be go for a great day out?

Summer Term 2 2019

We will planning a fabulous day out. I wonder where we will go? We will lo0k at maps and learn about England to help us choose a place to visit


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