At The FitzHerbert CE VA Primary School we use the Letters and Sounds scheme of work to teach phonics.

Letters and Sounds

However we are very flexible and will also use resources from other schemes when we know they work. For instance we will use some of the rhymes  from Jolly Phonics in the Early Years. We find that using the Thrass sounds cards also helps children to see a structure for remembering their phonics.


Helping your child with their phonics

The way that reading and writing is taught has changed a lot over the last few years, and now there is a real emphasis on the importance of using the pure sound with children so that they can blend the sounds together accurately.  The following website is great for helping you to use the same pronunciation as we do in school when you practice phonics with your child:

Phoneme pronunciation

To help your child practice their phonics at home, you could use the phonics play website.  This site has free games that your child can use to practice reading words and identifying whether they are real words or 'alien' words.  

Phonics play