Worship Timetable 2016-17

 Teaching staff take it in turns to lead worship and are supported by the school's worship council and all  the pupils.

Our local church is St Edmund's and we are very lucky that it is within walking distance to the school and so we are able to worship in the church each Monday.  In addition we are involved in services during the main Christian festivals of Harvest, Christmas and Easter where we join with the local community for worship. In 2016 for the first time the harvest supper was held in church after the service and was a big success with a large proportion of the school community being present. The Carol Service took place directly after the school's nativity play with the audience then becoming the congregation in church. This was really quite moving. 

The Worship Council are a group of five children who help to set up  worship each day by giving out books, lighting the candle, writing the birthday cards and helping to organise the prayers. All children in the school are given the opportunity to lead worship and to also take part.

St Edmund's Church, Fenny Bentley

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St Edmund, Fenny BentleyWeekly Worship Timetable


Worship takes place at St Edmund's Church at 8.55am. All parents and members of the local community are welcome. The children are registered on the playground and are then walked over to the church. We use this service to also celebrate any achievements with awards in the form of certificates being given out. Parents are informed if their child is to receive a certificate.


Whole school worship takes place in the school hall at 1.20 pm. This worship tends to be interactive and in mixed aged groups.



Whole school worship takes place in the school hall at 3pm.


Whole School worship takes place in the school hall at 3pm and is led by a small group of pupils.


The children will be led in class worship by their teacher as a class. This is to allow interaction within smaller groups and within a smaller age group

Here are a selection of photographs looking at preparing for worship at Christmas 2016  and Easter 2017.

In December we visited St Oswald's Church in Ashbourne to learn about advent. It was really good to meet members of the congregation from the church who helped the pupils to understand the various symbols that represent this exciting time of year. After our Easter Service (2017) we went on an Easter hunt with a difference. The children were given the challenge of finding articles to represent the story of Easter - some of these were naturally found in the grounds and some of these were hidden by the staff. Prizes for a full collection were of course chocolate eggs.

We love to have worship outside. Last term we put in a log circle which gives us more opportunities to have worship in the outdoors. The Infants were very pleased that the tulips they planted as a form of remembrance on November 11th have flowered. The colours of the tulips were very important- unfortunately they did not all turn out as we expected, but they were still beautiful.