How do we organise our classes?

At FitzHerbert Primary we have one Key Stage 1 class; this includes Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 children within a mixed aged class.

Foundation Stage children have their dedicated early years curriculum, led by their teacher and their own Early Years TA every morning. In the afternoons, children follow a creative curriculum which allows a wealth of interesting topic work to be covered. Within this, all children are catered for through a differentiated approach.

At Key Stage 2 the children are split into two classes for all core subjects. This includes Literacy, Numeracy and Science which are taught by Mrs. Froggatt and Mr Sharratt. The children are grouped according to ability so this allows lessons to be firmly targeted at the appropriate level for the child. For Science, the children are split into Year 3/4 and Year 5/6.

A creative curriculum is covered throughout Key Stage 2 and this is normally taught in lower and upper key stage 2 groups. Subjects such as PE, PSED and Music are taught with all Key Stage 2 groups together. In addition the termly theme is also covered in a cross curricular way to include the core subjects in order to aid understanding and therefore support learning.


The School has a strong phonics and spelling programme in place which applies to all children. Children are grouped on ability and taught within a small group which allows for maximum support. All children are also grouped for weekly guided reading sessions where they look at a range of strategies and skills. Since September 2016 we have been running the Accelerated Reading Programme with children from Year 2 onwards. This has involved book banding all of our books as well as the purchase of a large number of new ones. We have been extremely pleased with the results. Please click on Accelerated Reader for more information.

It is always our aim to hear children read independently as much as possible and to encourage the love of reading at home.


What is our ‘creative curriculum’?

For the past few years we have moved towards a creative curriculum. We have embraced the changes of the new national curriculum which came in from September 2014. Our curriculum therefore involves teaching skills through a topic based approach rather than through discrete subjects. Assessment and feedback has shown that children are more engaged with their topic work and yet are still covering all the elements of the National Curriculum. We often hold fun and interactive days where children can put to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge! Throughout the year trips are planned to fit into the curriculum, many of which involve all of the children in the school.

Sports Activities 2015-16

Sports Activities 2016-17

2015-16 activities and events

2016-17 activities and events

The school has recently upgraded its ICT resources to include laptops and Ipads to support the teaching of the new curriculum.  We also use our amazing location in the beautiful Peak District to enhance learning by integrating outdoor experiences as much as possible and in as many subjects as possible.

If you want to talk about what we do in a little more detail, please do not hesitate to come and visit us.