Key Stage 2

Curriculum-Framework-overview for Key Stage 2

The Numeracy is planned using the Abacus system and literacy is planned using Wordsmith. Both these systems are by Pearson.

Long Term Maths Planning

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Long Term Planning for Literacy

Mr Sharratt's Class

Mrs Froggatt's Class

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An overview of calculation

We consider that our outdoor area is a vital part of our learning environment and is used as much as possible. The pupils are taught how to appreciate our wonderful location in the heart of the Peak District. One lesson per week is allocated to the development of the learning environment through involving the pupils.


Further information for parents on the end of year literacy and numeracy expectations can be found by clicking on the links below

Year 3 reading          Year 3 writing          Year 3 maths progression map     Year 6 maths progression map    

Year 4 reading          Year 4 writing          Year 4 maths progression map

Year 5 reading          Year 5 writing          Year 5 maths progression map




 Whole Curriculum Overview for 2016-17

(year 3 of our rolling programme)


Year 3


Autumn 2016

Spring 2017

Summer 2017


Ages and Ages


Water Worlds

Benin – West Africa


Stone Age to Iron Age



Broader history study – Non European Society




Describe and understand rives


Art & Design

Cave paintings


Water Colours –

Vincent Van Gogh

Famous |African designers, weaving, tribal art

Design & Technology

Pot making


Boat making

Musical instuments


Multimedia, digital exploration, E safety, blog & forums,


Data Handling, E Safety, digital exploration, Espresso Coding Units 3a, 4a, 5a, & 6a.      

Digital media, music & Sound, E Safety, digital exploration, Espresso Coding Units 3b, 4b, 5b, & 6b.


LK2 – digestive system and teeth. Sources of light, shadows and reflections.

UK2 – classification including micro-organisms. Classify materials according to a variety of properties

LK2 – water cycle. Classification of rock types, simple understanding of fossilization

UK2 – evolution and adaptation. Light and shadows; the eye.

LK2 – sound vibrations. Classify living things.

UK2 – life cycles of plants and animals.  Introduce gravity, resistance and mechanical forces


Food and drink



French Songs

Sport and leisure






 Samba Drums

Religious Education


What do religions teach about the natural world and why should we care about it?

The Christmas Message



Why is Easter so important for Christians today?

Why is the bible so important for Christians today? 


How and why do believers show their commitments during the journey of life?

Physical Education

Tag rugby, cross country, sports hall athletics, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis

Hockey, swimming, basketball, high 5’s, dance

Quick cricket, tri golf, orienteering, athletics, tennis, rounders, swimming



Internet Safety, target setting, School rules with health and safety, road safety.


 Different types of relationships; keeping safe in water, the concepts of interest, loan, tax and debt; enterprise and the skills needed; internet safety


Differences and similarities between people. Look at the equality act. FGM. Looking at images in the media and how they relate to reality.

To recognize and mage dares and to recognize and challenge stereotypes.

Internet Safety

Educational Visit

 Brailsford Church

Pantomime at Buxton

Whitehall Outdoor Adventures


 Young Voices at the Sheffield Arena

 Residential Visit





 Fenny Bentley has got Talent Show